An Affair To Remember Limousines guarantees your experience will be an unforgettable event. Our professional chauffeurs bring 18 years experience as wedding specialists. They will attend to your every need throughout the day.





A day or two prior to your wedding day we will contact you to reconfirm the details of your special day. Your chauffeur will arrive at your location in full tuxedo. When everyone is ready to leave for church, your chauffeur will escort the bridal party to your waiting limousine. You and your father will then be escorted together for your walk onto the red carpet. Once you arrive at the church, your chauffeur will be sure to keep everyone in the limousine until all guests are seated inside. He will then escort the bridal party into the church while you and your father share a few last moments together.


As you exit the limousine, your chauffeur will hold your flowers and train and escort you into church. When you are ready for the long walk down the aisle, he will fluff your train so that everyone can admire your beautiful wedding gown. After the ceremony, your chauffeur will be waiting in the back of the church with two ice cold glasses of water before you greet your guests. He will then assist in the formation of the receiving line and take your flowers so you can shake hands with friends and family.